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About Us


About Us

freedgoods was started by stephanie norton, a former corporate lawyer, turned stay-at-home mom, turned small-business woman. stephanie's love for baking started when she was a little girl learning her grandmother rose’s recipes. many of  stephanie's best memories relate to times they spent baking together. as she grew, so did her passion for baking...especially brownies!

when stephanie learned that the chronic headaches, digestive ailments, and cold symptoms she was experiencing were actually caused by intolerance to wheat, gluten & yeast, she was stunned. between her baking and general love of bread, bagels, and generally all things wheat, things looked pretty grim.

what’s more, stephanie later learned that the years of infertility she had been suffering through could also be related to an immune response to wheat and gluten. so, saddled with health issues and frustrated with the cardboard-like, gluten-free options, she set out to create good tasting alternatives that anyone could enjoy. when she surpassed her own expectations, she knew she had to share her creations with others and freedgoods was born. 

freedgoods brownies and blondies are now sold in hundreds of gourmet and specialty shops around the country. 

the freedgoods story doesn’t end there, however, because stephanie's other passion in life has been her mission to raise awareness and provide support for women and couples coping with infertility. after being blessed with children of her own with the help of fertility treatments - but with little other support, stephanie dedicated herself to providing infertility counseling, education and bringing light to a matter of secret suffering for so many.

freedgoods, thus, is a culmination of stephanie's life-long love of baking and her continuing effort to do whatever she can for people struggling with infertility. for this reason, 5% of freedgoods profits go to infertility support, education, awareness and advocacy. by enjoying these products you too will be able to contribute to this worthy cause. now that's guilt-free indulgence!


Gluten Free

Gluten Free

could gluten be the culprit?

gluten intolerance vs. celiac disease

gluten intolerance, clinically referred to as non-celiac gluten sensitive (ncgs), affects as many as 1 in 7 people - that's 15% of the population! ncgs often has a slower onset and may be hard to diagnose due to its broad spectrum of symptoms and causes. both celiac disease and ncgs can be exacerbated by physical and emotional stresses such as infection, surgery, pregnancy, and childbirth.

celiac disease is a severe, incurable, sudden onset, autoimmune disease that recent studies show affects 1 in 133 people in the united states - that's over 3 million people. celiac is a reaction of the small intestine, to gluten, a protein commonly found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, and oats. celiac disease causes damage to the small intestine and leads to malabsorption (i.e., an inability of the body to absorb certain nutrients), resulting over time in vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance may experience varying severity of symptoms or no symptoms at all. as a result, celiac disease and gluten intolerance often go misdiagnosed and untreated.

symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease include but are not limited to the following:

  • gastro-intestinal problems such as gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea
  • emotional changes including irritability, depression, and behavioral difficulties
  • joint pain, muscle ache, cramps, tingling and numbness of extremities
  • skin disorders such as rashes and eczema
  • dental disorders and mouth sores
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • head aches and migraines
  • fatigue

nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorbtion resulting in:

  • anemia
  • osteoporosis
  • slow infant and child growth
  • infertility, irregular menstrual cycle, and miscarriage

what is gluten and why are people sensitive to it?

gluten is a highly complex protein that occurs in four main grains: wheat, rye, barley and oats. gluten is present in all types of wheat grain like whole grain wheat, wheat bran, spelt, triticale and others. this means gluten is also present in all baked foods that are made from these grains: bread, pies, cake, breakfast cereals, porridge, cookies, pizza and pasta. there are thousands of processed foods which contain gluten. 

gluten is one of the most complex proteins consumed by man - and is therefore extremely difficult to digest. this is why babies first introduced to solid foods are not given wheat. they are started on a thin porridge of rice because their tiny digestive tract can process it easily. 

people with gluten intolerance are unable to digest gluten. in fact in celiacs this protein actually attacks the lining of the small intestine causing damage that flattens out the tiny villi (finger-like protrusions which provide most of the surface area for nutrient absorption). gluten intolerance can be difficult to identify and diagnose with blood tests and medical investigations. but it is easily identified with the tried and proven elimination diet. 

doctors know elimination diets work, because they use them to confirm or disprove others investigations like blood tests and biopsies. 

for the small percentage of gluten sensitive people who are celiac to be clinically diagnosed there must be a positive celiac blood test and damage caused to the villi in the small intestine as a result of exposure to gluten. 

the only treatment for any gluten sensitivity is to alter eating habits to exclude gluten: a gluten-free diet

additional information on celieac disease and gluten intolerance can be found at: www.celiac.com

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natural sugar, eggs, butter, 100% cacao, gluten-free flours, and vanilla extract.


brown sugar, gluten-free flours, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, coconut, and vanilla extract.


soy-free/dairy-free butter, natural sugar, brown sugar, gluten-free flours, dairy-free chocolate, egg replacer, and vanilla extract.




coco - box of 4

our original chocolate brownie. rich, decadent, and totally addicting. be careful with these, they have a tendency to cause selfish behavior. (box of 4)

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blondie - box of 4

prefer blonds? these babies will not disappoint. in fact, one bite of our delicious blondie could change your outlook on life. (box of 4)

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box of 8 sampler

can't decide? no worries, mix it up with an 8-piece box. when you press add to cart, you'll be able tell us how many you want of each. (we'll send 4 coco and 4 blondies if you don't specify).

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bonnies - (package of 5) NEW PRODUCT!

do you have an obsessive personality? well, you may once you try these amazing cookie dough bon bons covered with decadent dark chocolate. we’re pretty sure you will be back for more. bonus, our bonnies are gluten, egg, soy, nut, and dairy free. (package of 5)

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greenwich, ct
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darien, ct
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westport, ct

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norwalk, ct

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good to go! 
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mill market
hawley silk mill
suite 111, 8 silk mill drive
hawley, pa

911 earth
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athens, pa

shady grove natural market
144 tioga street
wellsboro, pa





I’ve tried many gluten-free baked goods, and these brownies and blondies are one of my favorites! They’re so moist and delicious. Truly love at first bite!
— Jackie of glutenfreefollowme.com
Never in my life have a liked a brownie or blondie enough to actually order a box of 8 of them online and have them shipped to me - let alone gluten free brownies and blondies! i was basically dumbfounded when I tasted these. These are amazing and honestly the best I’ve ever tasted. and the fact they are gluten free is simply amazing. I’m officially addicted!
— T. Sommers, NYC
I can’t get over how delicious this brownie is - it’s amazing!
— R. Blockton, Greenwich, CT
About those brownies!!! i cannot believe they are wheat and gluten free. they are moist, rich and totally addictive. how could something that’s good for you, be so delicious?
— S. Stearn, Sarasota, FL
Just a quick note to thank you for such delectable treats. I do a lot of baking myself but the blondies you make are simply divine, better than anything I have ever eaten before!
— I. Martens, Rye Brook, NY
I was diagnosed with celiac last year and have a son who has it as well. I just want you to know I sampled your blondies at Andy’s [in Rye, NY] and literally melted. It was delicious and truly tasted as good as I remember gluten to be. Thank you for supporting our celiac community.
— S. Gendelman, Purchase, NY
Someone pinch me. could this brownie really be that good? . . . The brownie is really incredible. it’s moist, rich and decadent . . .
— misterbelly.com, gluten-free food blogger
The brownies and blondies are thick and large, perfect for sharing. I tried the chocolate original and chocolate walnut. both flavors were very fudgy, moist, rich, and dense. My daughter and I loved them!
— Gluten Free Optimist, Blogger
I’m a brownie freak, and to be honest, I was a little skeptical about a gluten-free version. but these are extraordinary: moist, rich, and totally satisfying. If i hadn’t known that they were gluten-free, I never would have guessed. More, please!”
— -S. Cameron, NYC
The brownie blew me away! Not only did I savor every last little bite (that I did not share with my boyfriend) I went back for another one Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon before I caught my train back into NYC! A piece of heaven for the road.
— Alexandra Bricker, NYC Health & Wellness Coach, Blogger
I thought my days of indulging in chocolatey baked goods were over and then I tried one of Stephanie’s brownies. Now i don’t know whether to kiss her feet or curse her, I can’t stop eating them.
— H. Klein, NYC
Really, these brownies are gluten-free? they might be the best brownies I’ve ever tasted.
— J. Garrison, Greenwich, CT
When we learned our son was celiac, we were so sad he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same things his friends were enjoying. Thank you so much for making these delicious gluten-free brownies. his smile says it all.
— F. Harrison, Atlanta, GA
Holy #&@*!, These things are to die for!
— M. Stearn, Sarasota, FL
Healthy never tasted so good. My kids love these brownies and so do I.
— C. Alderson, Charleston, SC
Picked up a coco and blondie at the CIBO Market at JFK to eat on the plane. I devoured both before take off. Turn the plane around!!
— D.D. Smith, Los Angeles, CA
My new favorite food brand!! Love the blondies!!! Tried for the first time yesterday, went back to bloomingdales the next day to buy more!!! Can’t wait to try more products!
— A.D., White Plains, NY
I loved both the blondies and the brownie. Both were to die for..real ingredients with a real taste and no cardboard texture. These are my new favorite indulgences!
— L. Quinn, Fairfield, CT

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